Adding to the stash....for good reason!

I'm not supposed to be adding to the stash....Hubby will shoot me and 2013 is More Out + Less In!
But these were all bought for good reason. Some of them will leave the stash very quickly (I hope) and others will stay around a little longer as I tackle a long term project.
And I mean very long term! I'm going to start a 'Dear Jane' or 'Baby Jane' as they like to call them. I'm going to call mine 'Wishful Baby'  for as I sew this one there will be a lot of baby-wishing going on! Aden is 4 in a few very short months and I thought we'd defiantly have another baby here by now....or a least on the way. But I continue to patiently wait my turn, pray, dream and wish.
I got 1/2 a metre of this green to add to the DJ fabrics. Yes 1/2 metre is over kill as I will only need the tiniest pieces but 30% off is a good bargain!
Miss Dove and I are having a sew-a-long these coming Easter Holidays to make this Dress
Simplicity 2217

So after I bought these 3 fabrics - I hate making decisions, so I didn't I got all 3 - a liberty inspired floral, a bold white/grey/yellow/blue, and a lace inspired multi-toned print I got into the spirit of prepping for the start of sewing and cut out the pattern pieces. Not sure if that is cheating or not! Sorry Miss Dove!
I also got a couple of metres of reduced cord ($3.50/m) for floor cushions for the classroom.
20.7 metres = 83 FQ's incoming.....


LittleWhiteDove said…
EIGHTY THREE!! I'm going to blog my fabric etc later this week.
Austysmum said…
I'm still winning! Or losing, depending on how you put it!
Austysmum said…
Love that green fabric, and it's a gorgeous dress
Kylie said…
Four already. How has that happened. Praying and hoping and wishing for you too.
Love the green and good luck with the Janes.

I was just home in Brisbane (I live in the States) and the last thing I thought I would do was buy fabric.... but it took one trip to Spotlight and I was gone. I found the most amazing Denise Schmidt fabric at $6 a meter. I went a little crazy, with my husband's blessing, and bought 1 meter cuts. Like you 1/2 a yard cuts is my usual extravagance.

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