Yeah, Yeah and Boo!!

Yeah's first.....My camera is fixed!! YEAH!!!! I picked it up from the post office this afternoon....and called in to the scrapbooking shop to get inspiration for my mum's wedding invitations...going back for a proper look tomorrow!!

Yeah!! Emma's green material arrived I have some more colours to add to my log cabins

Boo...I think I may have royally stuffed up my log cabin blocks!!! I didn't really think them through....and have started some with cool colours and others with warm now they don't fit right in the 'diamond' pattern that I wanted to do...I think I may have to do this pattern (the way it is set out below, a three quarter diamond and then one block backwards)...cause I'm not unpicking them....or I could make heaps more for a second quilt??? Am I game enough for that??? I would have to make 30 more log cabin blocks??? Do I really want to do that???


Helen said…
Make 30 more AJ! Come on.... you know you want to! :)

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