1 1/2 inch strips

YEAH!! I have a camera...only for the weekend but still (MIL visiting for the weekend)...it lets me show you the strips I have cut for the 'Log Cabin' block swap.

There is two 'sets' of orange strips here. One spread out to show you the colours and the other stacked (in the left of the photo). Sorry to those of you that would have liked the 'surprise' of getting unknow materials but this way we all know what we are doing! (well a better idea anyway)

These are the other strips I have cut for the rest of my blocks....as you can see I need to cut more yellow and pink...and purple but I'm waiting till after the swap til I cut some more...that's the hexagons in the background and my quilt planning book...does anyone else have one of those....A book to write down all my ideas in...it is getting fuller everyday!!

Here are two ideas for how I'm going to layout the blocks....DH likes the 'diamond'one better.


Helen said…
Wow AJ! Wow!! I am always amazed at how much you seem to do! Very inspiring. Loooooove the quilt planning book, don't have one of those here, just the blog. I'm with your DH, I like the diamond one better! :)
ingrid said…
I like the diamond one too. And I really like all the oranges you are using. I wasn't a huge fan of orange in the past but lately it is growing on me. I keep seeing lovely things like all your strips piled up and I think the colours look delicious.
Natalie said…
I like the diamond one too! Looking at all those strips has got me hoping that I get a SL voucher for my birthday so I can go buy a rotary cutter :P
Kylie said…
Wow AJ - you have been busy! I like the diamond one as well - your DH has good taste. And look at all of those little hexegons!

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