Log Cabin Instructions

Thought I'd add some links here for how to make 'Log Cabin' blocks

Log Cabin - Chain Piecing Method

Easy Log Cabin Quilt - 5 part article

Log Cabin - this one has a printable colouring in sheet so you can designs what it will look like. It also has some variations to the block. I like the variation with the different width strips...in pink and blue near the bottom. It aslo shows different layouts to create patterns...it doesn't show my favourite one...that makes 'stars'

Log Cabin Crazy Quilt - No instructions for this one. It shows 'crazy' log cabin ie not straight pieces...and a different layout...making diamonds

For the swap I was thinking warm (yellow, orange, pink) and cool (purple, blue, green) blocks with red centres....if we swap 1 1/2 inch strips....and then swap back some finished blocks...if we each choose a different layout pattern will will end up with very diferent quilts using the same blocks....what do you think Helen??? Sandi???

I've added a pic of the one and only log cabin block I've done...in my sampler quilt which I had a lovely nap under today!! Actually I take that back I've done one in my sister sampler quilt too. So that makes two!!


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