{BlogtoberFest13-22} Sewing for the kids!

This fabric has been sitting in my stash for a while now and I'd promised the boy that I'd make him some more shorts for Kindy. A metre of fabric gets me 2 pairs....just! The second set of leg band cuffs need to be made out of contrasting fabric. When ever Aden gets new shorts cousin Bailey gets some too! These are made from my 'go to' pattern 'Little Explorer Shorts'  
Any suggestions on a new shorts pattern to try??


A little piece of cute ribbon in the back make a tag so the boy can dress himself!
 This Lightning McQueen fabric was a lot tricker to get 2 pairs of shorts out of. The cars are not all going the same way and Lightning McQueen needed to be as prominent as possible. But I still wanted 2 pairs of shorts to make the fabric worth while.   


And because Bailey will be getting a present in the mail his sister needed one too! I dug out The Tilda Sash Skirt pattern I've had for ages and never tried. It is a great pattern with no pieces to trace off, just some rectangles to measure. Super simple with a quilting ruler and rotary cutter!


1 metre of fabric gives me 3 skirts in a size1-2, with 1 needing a contrasting band. Milla will share one of the skirts with her cousin Carissa. And the other will be going to another sweet little 2-year-old I know!

SYST - 4 shorts + 3 skirts = 13 Fq's going out!

Oh and this counts for 1 of my 'pinspired' projects for the month of October!
I have a great little collection of sewing for kids right here!  
Bailey is pretty wrapped with his shorts....won't take them off! Milla insisted on wearing her skirt to bed....her Mummy took it off once she was asleep but Milla wasn't fooled! She woke in the middle of the night and took it down the hall demanding to have it put back on! A win for Aunty! Now to make some more for Christmas !


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