{BlogtoberFest13-1} Instagram

A new host this year in Michelle at Shells in the Bush from Perth WA. I'd not been to Michelle's blog til today but it looks I'll be popping back again soon.

She has offered up some daily prompts to keep your blog posts flowing.
Mosaic Monday caught my eye...and just now, right this very second now,  after going back to her blog to check, I have just realised that it is Tuesday :( Being on holidays will do that to you!
So I'm going to go with that anyway....nobody's perfect right....so what if I'm a day out!

I want to show you this *new* thing I found. It is called Instagram. Not sure if you've heard about it?? You have?

I had too but I was resisting.....for such a long time.....but then well......things happen and now I'm on Instagram. I think 40 posts in 9 days means I've worked out how to use it right??

These don't have all the cool photo effects on them like they do when I post them but here is what I have put on Instagram so far....

So that is my Mosaic Monday on a Tuesday....

Happy BlogtoberFest!


Erin Quinn said…
Ha ha ha ha. You are hilarious, Manda.
I am still avoiding instagram. I already have ok many random places to waste time :-)

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