{BlogtoberFest13-14} Beetle's Quilt

As much as I wanted to get this quilt to beetle before he was 1 month old I was a few days short of my goal.

I always get stumped when it comes to the quilting....my ideas and my skills are quite a ways removed from each other. I didn't want to ruin  anyone's blocks with dodgy quilting!

I ditched the blocks and thought I'd try out something a bit fancier on the borders where I could hide it in the  busy orange print. I used a yellow/orange variegated  thread and copying a quilting design Emma has used on this quilt I bit the bullet and went for it!

I am so super super super happy with how it turned out! There are of course errors and it is in no way perfect but I did something different and I like it.

The central block has 'grass' quilted in the green (Thanks Bear!) and 'wind' quilted in the sky. The plan was to quilt a tree up passed the giraffe and over his head but I chickened out! It is done with an stipple instead. I still need heaps more practise at free-motion quilting!

And in case I left you hanging from the last post the giraffe HAD to be yellow and like I said the blue I had before didn't give a nice strong silhouette so I change to a pink. I know he is a boy...but at least I don't dress him in pink onesies!! ;)

And so here it is! A BRIGHT colourful eye catching combination of love and fabric.

I hope little Beetle and his family have many cuddles, picnics and cubbyhouses with this quilt!

It is a nice size for a single bed when Beetle gets older.

Here are the blocks and their makers

Car and Milly
Milly has a post about the quilt here.

Rebecca and Emma

Mands and Kirsty

Shirley and Caz


Helen and Kylie

Sibylle and a second block from Joy

Nic and a second block from Car

Alley Cat


Thanks everyone for you block and helping to make a little boy and his Mumma very happy.

 I was fun to make but there are error and mistakes. I'm hoping Miss Dove will like 'handmade' over 'perfection'.

And because I am a loooooong way from a professional at taking photos I thought I might show you how it is done properly! Some beautiful shots of the quilt....including the handsome Beetle himself!

More beautiful photos can be found here


Erin Quinn said…
I think it looks amazing. So bright and cheerful.
E xx
LittleWhiteDove said…
What errors? What mistakes? I know not of what you speak. It's gorgeous and perfect and I love it xx

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