Thank you!!

In this weird and wacky and sometimes cruel world in which we live there are some bright and shinning stars....and the online quilting friends I have would have to be some of the brightest...just when life had really got me down some beautiful flowers arrive at the door, bringing with them the sweetest smell, the warmest wishes and a gererous sprinkling of baby dust.

Thank you ladies for your wonderful support it is very much appreciated!

And a special thank you to Helen....who I know would have orgazinsed it!! ooxx


MIL said…
I think you have some pretty amazing friends out there.
You girls used lots & lots of baby dust on those flowers, as it must have been that that made me cry heaps on reading the card.
Thank you
Helen said…
AJ, we all admire your strength and paitence. You'll be holding a bub in your arms soon we hope. then we'll be making baby blocks behind your back! We can't wait! :) xx
Shannon said…
Awwww, AJ that is so beautiful! You must have a wonderful support network!

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