Mess Mess!!

A fun game of "see who has got the biggest mess"...Taken from Helen's blog, who got it from Kylie who got it from Sister's Choice Quilts....This isn't at its fact it is not that bad!!

Can you find these 15 things??

1. A beautiful drawing by the lovely Grace

2. A Christmas pen with a furry top

3. A Quilting Journal full of ideas

4. Cut out pieces of a mystery quilt

5. A pin cushion

6. A box full of ribbons

7. A lamp

8. A pink box full of hexagons

9. Squares of Christmas fabric from a swap.

10. Sewing machine

11. Upside down foot pedal for machine

12. A pile of dress fabric ready for sewing

13. Knitting rolled up and held with the needles

14. A finished quilt top ready for sandwiching...there are actually 3

15. A beautiful wall hanging done by the lovely Helen!!


Helen said…
Awwww AJ! You have Grace's drawing up! How cool! Whats hanging over your chair? Is that no#14?? LOL
AJ said…
No actually it is number 3 on my list of quilt to finish!!

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