The jungle that was...Our Back Yard

So after three weeks holiday and rain fall of 407 mm over 11 days in January alone...the grass sure did grow...

Thank you to my wonderful DH who takes such great care of our gardens....saves me doing it!!


atet said…
The theme song to the show Monk keeps running through my head "It's a Jungle Out there..."
AJ said…
LOL...I liked that show!
Anonymous said…
Love your pics. I too had a yard something like that but my yard grows in patched. Very long close to the house not so high out in the middle. Weird !!!
We got 44mm in just a couple of hours yesterday. Love that rain.
Now I can hear the grass growing.
Kylie said…
Oh Wow - Isn't it lovely to be getting rain - Mum and Dad are in Mackay and got 240mls on ONE DAY. Oh I dream of tropical rains (can you tell that I miss Townsville) You must be in Aitkenvale AJ - We used to be in Kenealy Street (just by the river!)

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