After a long three weeks visiting family and friends we have arrived back home safely!! We travelled 3762 kilometres, at an average speed of 76 km/hour. We used 266 litres of fuel, with an aveage of 7.1 litres/100km.

With only 3 sunny days out of 23 it can make it harder to enjoy the Sunshine Coast, but we did.

Trip Highlights include....

Cruising Noosa River in the rain!! Yep we decided to go ahead with our plans of hiring a boat even though the weather was lousy...and we had fun putting up the river, the boat was so slow and I even had a turn of driving and then we anchored for a picnic...we had planned to go a shore but we open the esky on the boat as the rain continued to pour!

There were a few family dinners and get-togethers...We had dinner at an Indian restraunt followed by present opening at Mum's
Kaicee is almost 7 months pregnant in this photo

Mum's dog in her fishing hat...silly I know....poor dog!

We got a lovely haul of Christmas presents for the kitchen and sewing room...including Spotlight vouchers....yeah!! As well as books, calendars and other bits and pieces including the traditional knitted coat hanger from Nana!! Breakfast was at Uncle Greg where DH cooked the most deliousous pankcakes ever! Then on to Lunch with Dad...DH and Dad drank too much and so we ended up starying there right through til after 9pm...it was good though very relaxing.

I saw two pregnant bellies...my Sister-in-law, Kaicee,(in the picture above) who is 29 weeks and my best friend who is 34 weeks....only has 6 weeks to go...!! I was great catching up with them and hearing how excited they are about their growing bellies...although they are both very small!! It was also great to see my brother excited about his first child...buying cots and baby baths!

I also met some babies born earlier in the year...My second cousin Nicolas...who at 3 months, is just the most cuddliest babe ever...who will recieve the star quilt when I finish it. Also cute-as-a-button Stella, at 7 months, was happy to just roll around on the floor talking to herself while the rest of us chatted! and also to see how big her sister has grown, sweet Chelsea with her beautiful curls and non-stop talk! We also meet Isabella for the first time, even thought she is almost 20 months!!Nicholas


We also took a trip on the train to Brisbane to see the Andy Warhol Art Exhibiton at the Gallary of Modern Art. I like his art although some of it is very weird and different. They had a photo booth there that took your photo and changed it into 'Andy Warhol Art' the same thing you can do with any photo shop program, but fun none the less.

And then we picked Jester up from his holiday....where he was a very naughty boy...fighting with Banjo and chasing the horses, getting covered in red dirt/mud and being biting by what seams like a million mosquitoes....I did miss my little puppy dog and he is very glad to be home!!

I was able to visit 3 patchwork shops and bought FQ at all three with major differences in price. Now I just have to get them packaged up for the birthday swaps I'm in....these first few will be late cause I didn't take the addresses with me...doh'. I also saw the cutest little book of Apron patterns and immediatly thought of Ingrid...and also a quilted baby's jacket..I'll be going back in April so I will see if they are still there then!!


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