Good friends {Quilt Camp of Awesome 2015}

Good friends are more precious than gold!

A weekend away with laughter, and crafting and more laughter is just what my soul needed. I feel rejuvenated, re-set and ready to tackle the end of year count down.

I can't thank the girls enough for their support and kindness.

Oh and did I mention the goody bag!!
Bring a few items and go home with a bag full of treasures!

I started a new project, added more rows to my ripple and worked on a very old WIP that I'd like to finish for a Christmas gift.

Thank you girls we must catch up again soon!

And in case you noticed, yes I am/did fail miserably at Blogtober...and I'm Ok with that. :)


Kylie Purdie said…
You were also a massive help to me! Thank you for the cutting, the ironing and the design advise. I have Thursday off and guess what I'm doing. xxxx

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