A crafty mess {Blogtoberfest} Day 1

How delightful it was to come back to my blog and see 4 people have left comments! Blog readers and reminders must still be working on some blogs, even for the ones covered in cobwebs! Thank you ladies for taking the time to comment. 

The blogging grapevine and where I go for all things bloggy tells me that Blogtoberfest is not officially happening this year as it has been retired. 

Well that won't stop me and I'm going to try and blog every day to get back in the swing of things. 

So here it is....my messy craft and work room. This is where I need to start.

When we moved to this house 12 months ago, my sewing table, that was originally my great-grandparents small dinning table, was sadly broken and so I was using my sisters table while she sort-of lived with us for a while. She has taken it back to make her own sewing room and I've been left with a big empty space.  

So while I had the room to spread out and the school holidays to fill I thought I sort out this mess so that I can actually find and finish something this year! 

I'm failing miserably at Car's Finish-it-fifteen challenge, with only 2 things crossed off the massive list!

So here is what I have managed so far....

That big space on the top of that shelf was where I had about 100 craft magazines. They are all now in the recycling bin after going though each and every one of them to pull out only the projects that I would even consider making. They are all now neatly stored in plastic sleeves in binders. Those ones on the floor to the left. 

I have then pulled everything else off the shelf and piled it up on the floor...I know it doesn't seem like progress but really it is....trust me! 

The plan is now to go through all of this very quickly, as I'm running out of holidays and pull out projects that I will actually finish and get rid of the ones I won't! 

Wish me luck!

Hopefully you'll actually see something crafty soon! 


Milly said…
Hi AJ! It's lovely to see you blogging again :) Milly.
Rachel said…
Go go gadget organiser!! Glad to have you on the blogtober bandwagon. But, uh, you might want to check your sidebar #justsayin
Car said…
I too am only at 2 for my finish it fifteen :O

So how did you go clearing out stuff???

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