Hexagons (Blogtoberfest} Day 3

This box fell over while I was digging through those piles in my craft room and out popped some hexxies!

Pulling out old craft projects brings back lots of memories. I started this quilt in March 2007 and blogged about it here

I last blogged about it here in April of 2010.

I was really tempted to pull out the scrap basket and make some more to add to the current count of 1283, but I knew the purpose of cleaning up was just that, cleaning and organising NOT getting sidetracked and crafting.

So after taking a few photos and patting the pretty hexagons I popped them back in the box.....

like this.....

for my OCD friends. Although I'm sure they will tell me that the rainbow order is wrong. Too bad! They fit best this way!

So I've packed them up for now but I'm thinking they might make it to camp this year. 


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