Fairy Tale Dress ups!

I totally had my work cut out for me to get these done in time!
Three 2am finishes in a row saw them all done......just! It was all my fault though I couldn't decide if we actually needed to go dressed up and then at the last possible moment, while in Spotlight, I decided yes we should! The $5 pattern sale certainly helped!

I'm super happy with how the boys outfits turned out but mine was a bit of a flop....well the hat definitely was! The instructions didn't even make sense so I winged it and was disappointed with the results. If I ever have to wear this again (or if anyone wants you borrow it you're welcome) I'll be making a cardboard hat and covering it in fabric to get the same look.

Despite 3 weeks or more of trying to convince Aden is go as a dragon to fit in with the 'Fairy Tale theme' he wouldn't budge. He had to go as a dinosaur!

He did make a pretty cute Dinosaur and had a great time playing/fighting with his cousin til it was dark and cold. Then they were both happy to snuggle up on the couch with my while the rest of the family continued drinking.

The best part of the night was having my wonderful son and husband call me 'Beautiful Princess Mummy' all night, despite the fact that I think I look horrible!
Happy 18th Birthday Katie and Emma!


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