A new challenge and a fabric decision!

My sister turned 31 this weekend and my Mum wanted to go see 'Hot Shoe Shuffle' at the theatre for an early Mother's Day treat. So I packed up the boys and headed into town.

The show was great! It kinda makes you wish you could tap dance!

Aden was all set with his little Thomas suitcase, but on packing our bags for just one night I realised that other than our large suitcase we had nothing to take our clothes in!

Lucky I had obviously foreseen the future and had ordered the Amy Butler Weekender Bag the week before at 40% off bringing the pattern to just $13.40! It arrived on Friday and I'm itching to try it out! Oh and a little bag challenge I have going with some online sewing friends is great incentive too!

I have spent the last 3 hours reading and researching all the little tips, tricks and reviews out there in blog land.....and now I'm divided between the beautiful bags I've pinned on Pinterest and all the scary reviews about how difficult the bag is to make!

I will forge on though.....after I make the most difficult decision....what Fabric to use!

Maybe you can help me!?!?!

These are all fabrics I have pulled from my stash

Piping, Exterior, Interior

Interior and Piping, Exterior with contrasting pockets in the FQ - Kate Spain fabrics

Piping and Interior, Exterior - Hubby's pick

Linen outer, DS lining  - need to find a blue or grey for the piping and handles

Lady bug lining, DS outer, would have to find a nice pink/red for the handles and piping  

Dark blue outer, green piping and dots on the lining
 Please share you favourite....I'd like to get started soon!


Emma said…
I think I'd choose the first option, to showcase that gorgeous Terrain print.
LittleWhiteDove said…
I love the first combo!! Also. I just realised I got a different pattern! I got the Melly & Me Weekender!! Ah well, I'll just have to get another bag pattern, and make another bag ;)
Milly said…
First or last. AJ I have a weekender board on pinterest. Did you look at those pins?
Milly said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Natalie said…
Another vote for your first choice, I love the exterior print - gorgeous!
bec said…
First and last. Make two. And just start woman!
Helen said…
I echo the other girls without reading their comments first! The first or the last, I would be leaning towards the first one a bit more. Very YOU!
Erin Quinn said…
I'd vote 4,5 or 6. My most favourite is 4 with the linen, but it might be difficult to keep clean...
I totally want the weekender bag, but I'm too scared to even buy the pattern. All I've seen on the interwebs is how astronomically difficult it is. Good luck!!
E xx
meika said…
First or last....probably leaning more towards the last.

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