Birthday boogie

You know that friend that you can not see for weeks and then your 'free day' aligns and you manage a catch up and a girly chat, while the kids play at your feet, and it is like you were talking to them just yesterday? I have one of those and she is kinda special.

I wish we had more free time to catch up, although we are now a car trip apart rather than a plane flight  and we do get to see each other more than we used to we still don't get to visit often enough for my liking!

I was lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids and if I didn't have so many sisters she would have been there for me too (I regret that a little. I should have made room for her too...sorry xx)

We share our lives, our ups and downs. We share our children when we visit and treat each others kids like our own. We share similar parenting styles (boys will be boys!) and we love to have a laugh and a gossip!

Today is her birthday and sadly it is not a 'free day' for either of us and so we will have to wait to next time to share a piece of birthday cake. Her real surprise present isn't quite ready yet so instead today I have dedicated my weekend boogie to her.

Happy Birthday my dear friend. Love you!

I'm joining in here although I missed the linky....maybe next time! Sorry Miss Dove!


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