Quilting Day!

Back blogging....12th November 2012

My little sister has been asking and asking me to teach her to quilt....she has big plans! But I convinced her to start out with a simple pattern and get a few techniques behind her before getting too adventurous.

So on Monday while we all had the day off work, Mum, Cee and I got quilting....while I didn't do anything execpt cut fabric for Mum, but we made some progress.

Cee learning to use the rotary cutter! She did really well and ended up with a nice pile of squares ready to join. The colours are not something I would have choosen myself but they work really well together. She started joining squares and I showed her how to join them into 9-patches and chop them apart again! I gave her some homework and I wonder how far along she is?? She has a blog...maybe she can blog her progress!
Mum on the other hand was up for some bunting...over 8 metres worth of fabric for her bunting...I'll show it to you when we have something to show but for now it is the slow process of cutting triangles and joining them back-to-back.
The real reason Mum was visiting was so that I could teach her how to use her new machine. It is the same make as mine just a few models different. You can see them both on the dining table in the photo above.
As well as metres and metres of bunting Mum, being her usual ambitious self, embarked on not 1, not 2, not 3 but 5 table runners for the big Christmas lunch she is hosting this year.
It must be where I get it from as she bought a lovely pattern to use, and then totally modified it. I helped her to adjust all the sashing and blocks sizes to make 5 long thin runners for the tables she will be using.
  Oh and did I mention the 30 matching placemats.....!!!!

We bought 3.5 metres of extra wide backing fabric to make the binding for all the table runners, 30 placemats and over 500 inches of bunting....that is a LOT of cutting and ironing....not to mention hand stitching for the bindings....I'm not a fan of machine stitched binding but I might have to make an exception or we'll never get finished in time for Christmas!



~LilOlFrankie~ said…
WOW! Busy times at your house, but how wonderful is it that you can share your hobby with your mum and sis.... i'm totally envious!!!

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