Busy end to Blogtoberfest

What happened to the end of October?? I was sure there were more days to go and all of a sudden it is almost the middle of November!

I had a few more blog posts lined up for the last few days in Blogtoberfest but I guess it is a bit late for them now.....here is a quick picture catch up from the last 10 days or so!

300 x 2.5 inch fabric scrap squares for a swap.

Backyard car wash now the weather is getting very warm!

Dress-up day for DayCare

haircut nmber 3
Haircut number 3!

Goodbye curls...Hello grown-up boy!

Duplo building
And it is getting towards the end of the school year so I am currently swamped with marking and writing report cards.
I do have a quilting project to share but it needs a separate post.
And I haven't forgotten about the Blogtober giveaway! Pop back tomorrow to see who the winner is!
Remember you need to comment on the blog post for October 1 for any of your entries to count and then each comment on any post for the month of October {2012} including this post - because I still think it is October - will get you an extra entry.


Helen said…
A busy month AJ! Bring on the school holidays!

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