Jelly Roll Race - Practice!

Milly gave us a link to a fun idea for our online quilting group! A Jelly Roll race!

I've heard of it before but never actually watched a tutorial for it. There are heaps on YouTube if you search for 'Jelly Roll Race' or 'quilt race'

Here is one I found and watched.

I have a Jelly Roll here ready for her to give me a time and date for the race but Milly needed to order a Jelly Roll and wait for it to arrive so in the meantime I decided to practise with a super cheap fake 'Jelly Roll' I had here at home from Spotlight.

It has a very limited number of fabrics and is much smaller than a real Jelly Roll but it was good for the practise....and there is nothing like a new WIP is there!! :)

Fabric stripes layout ready to join

All joined together
The longest and hardest part of the quilt it joining all the fabric stripes together at the very start. I did these ones with a diagonal join but I think for the next one I'll just use a straight join.

Right sides together - the first stripes get sewn
When I got about 2-3 inches from the end I held the fabric flat to make the cut before I actually finished sewing that length. Only 1 time did the fabric have a twist in it and it was early on and easy to make right.

Because of the limited number of fabrics a lot of the same prints ended up being sewn right next to each other. With a full Jelly Roll this wouldn't happen as much and there for make a better overall look.

Also because of the number of stripes in the 'Jelly Roll'  - 25 instead of about 42 - it was going to make for a super skinny long quilt which will have looked rather odd. Instead I decided not to join the 2 pieces for the last bit and just cut across without sewing to make 2 smaller baby/play quilts.

Auditioning borders - there was a purple photo too but not sure what happened to it
I then decided to add a 4 inch border to each side.

1 of 2 small quilts from my 'Jelly Roll'
I think these will be great to use as little Day Care quilts for rest time. I think they will be donated to the Day Care Christmas raffle if I can get them quilted in time!

There is a nice blog post here for a 'Sherbet Pips' Jelly Roll Race quilt with the flat joins.

So do you want to join in the race? I'll let you know when we set a date!


Nell said…
This project sounds right up my alley - AND it would feel good to actually finish something LOL
Becky said…
Such a great idea AJ, I remember the quilting challenge we had when I made the top of my Made in Cherry quilt. Good fun!

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