{QADD} Quilter Attention Deficit Disorder

I've been having a bit of trouble focusing one just one quilt lately.... and so yesterday I started a new quilt....just cause I can!

It is from fabric in my WIP list so at least it is not something totally new..... and it is all stash fabric to keep the Hubby happy!

Lots of HST to play with after I iron them!
Then when I got sick of cutting and chain stitching and cutting again I moved onto another WIP.....A long time WIP but there is not much to go!
I ran out of thread so was taking a break when it disappeared!
Aden trying it out on his bed, because he thinks all my quilts belong to him, and pretending to sleep!

A quick trip to SL today resulted in them not having the same cotton colour....so this one is back to the WIP pile til I can visit another SL store or they restock their threads! 


Paula said…
Hi AJ - let me know the details and I can try Indooroopilly and post it out to you or leave it at Jode's for you.
~LilOlFrankie~ said…
He's a cheeky little monkey hehe

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