{Oliver & S} PJ's

Oliver & S Pj's
I finished these a while ago but had no red thread or buttons to finish off the buttonholes!
Oliver & S Pj's
A quick trip to Spotlight ( with Hubby and Aden in tow so it was very quick!) and an argument over blue smiley face buttons (for which I know have to make something to put them on!) and we were ready to finish these.
Oliver & S Pj's
Aden had already tried the pants on and refused to take them off so I knew there were going to be worn and well loved!
Oliver & S Pj's
Cheeky Monkey was playing silly games with his Daddy while I was trying to get a good photo!
Oliver & S Pj's
Aden calls them his 'police car' Pajamas
Oliver & S Pj's
These are a size 3 and a perfect fit!


motherof5 said…
They look fab!
Milly said…
Looks fantastic. I really should try the Oliver and S pj pattern
Paula said…
These are gorgeous AJ - what a very lucky young man to have such a talented mother making such beautiful things for him.

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