Christmas Shorts for Bailey

Boys like things made of fabric too!

Bailey requested (or rather his Mum cause she is sick of washing the same pair of shorts over and over) some more Lightning McQueen shorts ! So Aunty of course happily said yes....8 times!

Here are 3 I finished tonight and there are 5 more waiting for some white cotton to close the elastic hole.

Who runs out of white cotton?!?!?!

A quick trip to SL  tomorrow will get them all finished in time to gift for Christmas!


Kelly Elliott said…
I also have run out of my everyday cotton. What the? so my hand is up. I'm using Grey at the mo. I have to go to east coast to get some more.

Love these Fynn would love some. He loves McQueen!! I really should do some.
Erin Quinn said…
You are the best Aunty. Not just one pair of lightning McQueen duds, but 6. That is every little boys dream!!

(I ran out of black cotton yesterday. Who hasn't got extra black and white cotton? And we say we're sewists!)

E xx

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