Owl play quilt for Asha

Arms aren't long enough yet!

Not the best helper in the world....
Finished size 39" x 50 "
You didn't think I would be back so soon did you!!

A sweet little girl has been waiting for a little while to get this quilt....it was for her first birthday a few months back. She should still get plenty of use out of it though!

Someone with longer arms this time....still just as 'helpful'. Took a few photos to get this one!
This was a total stash quilt so for my SYST I will take away 11FQ's from the total
5 FQ = backing
1 FQ = binding
5 FQ =  front


LittleWhiteDove said…
Adorable!! I open bloglines, and not one but TWO new posts??? *dead of shock*
Kelly Elliott said…
Very cute AJ!!
Rebecca said…
Great work - all that quilting too.
Annie Harry said…
Beautiful :)
Anonymous said…
the quilting is beautiful

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