Amy Bulter Weekender

The infamous Amy Butler Weekender Bag! Tick and Check!
I’m super happy with how it turned out!
There is heaps of help out there on the net. I found Milly’s version particularly helpful. I followed her idea to use a vinyl on the bottom to make it waterproof and a little more hard wearing.

I added extra elastic pockets to the inside and some velcro patches to the external big pockets to help them stay closed.
I'd read somewhere that you can fit a heap of towels into the weekender so I thought I'd test it.

I had a magazine to put in the pocket but got out voted by the boy. He thought a dinosaur book would look much better in there!
So course he then clamied that it was 'his' bag! I don't think so buddy!

There are a few wrinkles in the piping but not bad for a first effort! It is perfect in some places and not so in others. I did do a little unpicking and resewing to make it look tighter and I could maybe have done a little more but I was a bit over it by then!

I found a large (larger than the pattern suggests) zip in the right colour at Spotlight. I bought a metre and the sales lady asked how many zip heads I  wanted. They were all going the same way but I asked for 2 anyway. With a bit a manipulation I was able to take off, turn around and rethread the zip head, so that I had a double zippered bag. Great for popping things in and out of the top when you are traveling!

And you can open it right up for packing!

Loving how neat the zipper looks!  
And about those towels - 6 bath towels + 2 kids beach towels + 2 hand towels.....not a bad effort

Excuse the random linen plucked out of the messy cupboard....on the list for spring cleaning!

 Oh and just so you know.... the bag works fine without the lining!
Hubby and I managed to get a night away, a few weeks back, while my brother looked after the boy. I was totally bummed that I hadn't finished the bag in time....but took it anyway! Managed to fit a change of clothes each (including jeans!) and a few toiletries. Looks great with my camera/handbag for nights away!


SYST - Outgoing 4.25 metres of fabric = 17 FQ's


Car said…

I want to make one now!

But seriously tell Mr AJ to get his own bag for his jeans, by the time you add your clothes + crochet project + hand quilting + knitting needles... There will be no room for him!
Carmel Morris said…
Fantastic job, and love your co-ordinating luggage.
LittleWhiteDove said…
So pretty! Sounds like you have two gentlemen lining up for their own bags! The double ended zipper was a good idea, and no, I'm not even going to THINK about that last photo. You suck, you know that?
Natalie said…
Gorgeous!!! Great idea with the double zipper :)
Annie Harry said…
Beautiful Amanda x
Kelly Elliott said…
Love this bag totally inspiring - Awesome choice of fabrics. Thanks for sharing!

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