{Pinky} Pink Baby Quilt

Little Baby L got her quilt yesterday. She looks pretty pleased with it!


Aden and I loved the quilt we received a few weeks after he was born.

Each month we watched him grow on his quilt. It was so special to us! And still is. Aden calls it the 'elephant quilt' I'm not sure why the elephant stands out for him so much. It is on and off his bed all the time, being dragged around the house and made into cubbies. I love sitting back and remembering each of the special ladies that made the blocks.

We have made a few joint quilts for new babies in our quilting/sewing group so when I saw that Red in Oz was due with girl number 3 I put the call out for pink and white blocks.

It is such a huge effort to make a layout with such different blocks, and slightly different sizes(!)
I ended up with 10 blocks and as it was difficult deciding which block to put on the back for a 3 x 3 layout, I made 2 more blocks instead. The sashing came from my stash and helps bring all the blocks back together. Most of the block makers sent some pink scraps from each block that I was able to use to make a 'piano keys' border.

I was hoping to use just one width of fabric but with the borders I had to add a piece of the border to the back to make it wide enough, which I think looks quite cute.  There was just 9 'keys' left over so it was cutting it very close!

Each of the blocks are very different.

Sweet little applique birdies from Anna

This gorgeous hand-stitched hexagonal star from Milly

Loving this star, with a 9-patch centre from Rachel

Bears Paw type block from Joy

A paper pieced star from Emma

My 2 extra blocks

Flying geese from Becky

Rail fence from Shirley

From Denni

Over lapping triangles from Car
(She did not chop the block off that is my poor photography - sorry Car!)

From Carmel

All stunning don't you agree? Thanks Ladies for helping me out with the quilt!

It wasn't easy to pull them all together as 1 block was too big and another was too small. The sashing have moved, quite badly in one place but I think the overall outcome looks great.

I was going to quilt each block in a different way but I'm not that experienced at quilting and coming up with the best way to show off each block, so I decided to go with an allover stipple, so that the blocks are the focus not the quilting.

I then hand stitched the binding on and sent to on its way to another quilter to hand deliver to Baby L and her Mum!

I hope they both enjoy lots of cuddles in this quilt this winter!


red in oz said…
AJ, it's beautiful, we love it so much.I have blogged a few more pictures.
absolutely GorGeous!
what a Lifelong Gift for both baby and mom!
you've done an outstanding work that anyone would be proud to own {or admit to creative effort in completing!}

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