Finished WIP's for June

We are half way there! Are you half way through your list??

I think that calls for an extra entry if you finish something this month. Link them below and don't forget you can't have any entries til you send me you 'entry fee' of a FQ!


Becky said…
Drat, this will be the first month I miss, but that is ok as I don't have a full 12 months worth of WIP's anyway.
Car said…
Another month down YAY! Not sure I can keep the momentum going for the remainder of the year though!!!
Copper Patch said…
Lucky you Becky!! I have extras but I am at least getting through them :o)
I have two entries this month but I don't have a finished pic of one of them on my blog (yet). I'll email a pic as soon as I'm with the quilt tmrw. If that doesn't count for this month then I'll just add it to next month.
Happy Sewing!!
Celtic Thistle said…
This is really making me finish off projects that would otherwise be languishing in the cupboard!

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