DH and I spent most of the day outside today, cleaning up and gardening. $160 later at Bunnings and we planted out a herb garden complete with chilli bush. We used our own home made compost that has taken us almost 4 years to make!
We also added some hanging baskets to the front and re-potted the cardboard plant! We added some potted colour to the back deck and planted two more screening trees along the fences so hopefully they grow quickly and we can stop the neighbours from looking onto our deck.
Top Row - Mona Lavender, Gerbra, Canna (Tropical Yellow - Can't wait to see this on bloom)
Bottom Row - Clown Mix, and don't remember (opps!!)
Big Tub - Snow White

Tabebula Argentea Silver Trumpet Tree

Melaleuca quinquenervia


Cascade Lily said…
Boy you two sure were busy! That malaleuca will be a biggie! More screening? :)
Shannon said…
Great job AJ, it looks beautiful!!!
AJ said…
Great to hear from you Shannon....I thought you stopped blogging...I just had a dud link...It will take me a while to catch up..hope you are doing ok.

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