Flavour of the Month!!

Paper piecing seems to be the flavour of the month when talking to my quilting buddies...so I thought I'd give it a go myself...
I'm loving green at the moment..so fresh!!

This block was supossed to be 8 inches finished according to the pattern...It printed all right from the computer...but the block seems slightly smaller...think I may have to measure it....Yep as I feared...currently 8 3/8...so with 1/4 seams it will be a tiny bit smaller....dam!!


Cascade Lily said…
Nice work AJ. I'm about to take the plunge too! Just bought some foundation papers and a book and ordered another! LOL

My blocks never end up exactly the size they should either :)

And well done on keeping all your plants alive and making flowers!
Emma said…
I'm *pretty sure* that size would be ok ;)
Helen said…
Looks great AJ! Glad those scraps came in handy too. :)

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