Wet Walkies

We went walkies in the rain today...well it stopped raining by the time we reached the end of the road..so not really...the path is cut in both directions along the river so you have to walk up on the grass....makes for very wet shoes....A says it has gone down since he took Jester a few nights ago...but it is still up heaps!! Check out Jester's feet in the photo...they got alot dirtier than that but the time we got back! We also saw a huge dead barra in the water and a snake!! (which was not dead!!)

A few more wet days inside with the kids and they are so ready for a play....so toady they had one even though the ground isn't really dry enough...

The cat pee in my bag this morning on the way to work.....GRRRRRR so I had to swap bags which caused me to leave my keys at home in my work bag....GRRRR...not a good start to the day.....

Nothing much new to report....I have got out my cross stitching again...determined to finish the underwater reef very soon...not sure I want to put a dead line on it because it has taken me so long already..Still one fish to go in the top left hand corner and so more of the half stitches for the background....and then all the back stitch to add the details...so still lots to go....it is a lot easier to get out and pack up than the quilting so I think I will stick with it for a while....that said...I'm itching to start my 'stack and slash'quilt....:)


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