Happy Valentines Day!

A and I aren't really ones for Valentines day...but I did make him some biscuits for his lunch to day....He was too embarrassed to get them out of his lunch box in the brew room....he hid them in his bag!!! HOW RUDE!!!! LOL!!!!

Helen I've taken a picture of my 'bright blues' is this the colour/s you were thinking??? I haven't measured them yet some may be too small and I will have to get some more!! YEAH!!! Fabric shopping!!!


Helen said…
Oh AJ Perfect!!!! That one on the very bottom with the flowers is lovely! Can I bags a bit of that? LOL Your DH is so funny hiding those cookies in his lunchbox! They look too yummy not to eat! :)
AJ said…
sorry Helen it is only 7 inches wide!!!! want to change the size????

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