{Bee block} Swoon Block

I'm testing out a blog post from my phone. It's where all my photos are stored so it makes sense to blog direct.

I've been doing a little bit of sewing with some Bee Block swap with some friends. This swoon block was fairly epic and I see the appeal of the bigger block....less of them to make, but it wasn't my favourite thing to sew.

I've spent more time on crochet this year, just for convenience. It's easy to pick it up for 10mins and put it down again when something or someone needs your attention. 

We'll see how this blog post goes... it may become a regular thing. Drop me a comment if you've stop in to let me know your around! 

Blog post number 1001 by the way! 


Rach said…

Love the swoon block! And your blanks is progressing nicely.
Rach said…
I’m around!! I too have mixed feels about the swoon block. Remember when it was THE block to make? I think I did one block and threw it away in frustration 🙈
CathyA said…
The colours are really great love the whole block. i see that someone couldn't wait for the blanket to be finished.Looks very cuddly

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