{WIP Wednesday} Starting over

A few weeks off  from the fun part of life while I got on with the boring part, but report cards (all 166 of them!) are done and out of the way and I'm counting down to a few weeks 'holiday'. Where I try and jam in as much as I can and actually to very little 'holidaying' at all!

To give my mind, eyes and hands a rest from the computer screen and keyboard, I'd often swap over to this. I'm growing rather fond of it.

If you've been observant when comparing my last few blog post you'll see that I have actually started it all over again. Not happy with the way the edges were turning out and realising that I hadn't been reading the pattern properly made me start over. I couldn't live with the mistakes. I know I'd be thinking about them every time  I looked at it.

Wanting a clean start I picked a new colour and started over but, with a few less repeats this time. When laying it on our bed it looked like too much was hanging over each side so I'd shortened it for the re-start.

I re-read the pattern, watched Little White Dove in action (althought hers is a slightly different stitch) and went for it.

I've just started colour number 7!

And opps ordered some more wool for a second ripple blanket for this little cutie!

Join me here! 
Little White Dove


Skipper said…
Loving the colours on your ripple! I frogged my ripple THAT many times. I finally got the hang of it - and I've made two!
Looking good! Completely understand about want to start again to get it right

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