{Pinterest} Cloud Dough

We made this last holidays and I'm only just getting around to blogging it! 

I followed a pin to this link and bought some cheap hair conditioner while at the shops. 

2 ingredients......yes.......but technically there is 3 with the colouring.
 Easy to make.......yes.

Best playdough ever......no.
It was lovely to play with for a while and it is soft and smells nice (apple scented conditioner) but is dried out quickly and it didn't store well in a sealed container in the cupboard. It also wasn't the easiest clean up, but that might have something to do with someone getting it all over the floor! 

The corn flour gave it the slight texture of 'slime' and it started to stretch the way the slime does when you hold it up. It wasn't much good for making things out of it, just nice to roll and pat and squish. 

It was Ok as something fun to do but a traditional playdough recipe, although more involved to make, will last a few weeks in the fridge and is better for making pizza and animals. 

This is project number 9 in my totally pinspired challenge. I'm a few (like lots!) behind. 


Fun fun! Adding it to the holiday list!

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