New shorts...and lots of them!

Aden is getting so tall now that he was growing out of his favourite 'Mummy made' dinosaur shorts that he loves to wear to Kindy. So what is a good Mummy to do but sew some more!

We picked out some dinosaur fabric from my stash but Aden's favourites are these 'Alien spaceships'

I got a little bit carried away with my cutting and ended up making 2 out of each fabric. So cousin Bailey will be getting a few new shorts too!

When I worked out that Bailey would be getting some shorts I couldn't not send something for Milla so I made a reversible dinosaur skirt for her!

The say actually started off using some fabric 'scraps' that I bought off Milly. The dark blue and maroon/red colour matches Aden's Kindy uniform perfectly and I thought they would make some cute shorts. I was being very careful to make sure each of the animals were going the right way up in the pattern and because they were off cuts I couldn't fold the fabric over to cut 2 pieces at the same time. But I forgot to reverse the pattern piece when I cut the second one and of course I'd made the same leg/side twice!

I was hoping a quick trip to SL (where I have seen each of these fabric before) would solve all my problems. It half did...they only had some of the elephants in both the blue and the maroon colourway.  And they had some cute elephants in pick too!

These are the first additions to my stash since the start of the year!
1 meter of pink elephants = 4
1/2 m of red elephants = 2
1/2 m of blue elephants = 2
1.5 m of dark pink for trims/skirts I have planned for my other nieces = 6
so all up that is 14 FQ's into the stash.
And out going is 15 FQ's
1/2 meter for each pair of shorts finished (6) = 12
2 skirts (3 really for the reversible one) = 3
So I am winning  so far for Sew Your Stash Thin Yeah! 


LittleWhiteDove said…
That top pair almost looks like the Gups from Octonauts!
Erin Quinn said…
I love that little pink skirt! Can you make one in my size?
E xx

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