Finished WIP's for December


Car said…
7 quilts finished for the Challenge (YAY ME) plus one finished just before Christmas - not a challenge quilt though!
Becky said…
I got 5 finished. Thanks for hosting AJ, it was such a great challenge.
Nell said…
I just tried to link my December finish but it wouldn't work. I got 7 quilts done in total so pretty pleased with that - still have the worst of the WIPs to tackle but they are all much further along than they were so thanks AJ!
Copper Patch said…
Three for December for me AJ. I had for more for 2012 but I certainly managed to get through some longstanding WIP's because of the extra motivation of this link up group. Thanks AJ.
I'll do a wrap post with more pics in the next few days.

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