Around the block 2

I've been so swamped with work lately...this working and mothering gig is hard work! I'm now slowing getting on top of things and that includes some blocks for my block swap. Picking a random envelope from the pile I have been working on Kate's blocks. Simple and fresh these blocks were fun to make. Hope you like them Kate.
10.5 inch finished
I had to unpick a bit and skimp a little on one seam to make it fit the 10.5" Hoping this is what Kate wanted...

8.5 inch unfinished
I wanted this one to be 10.5 too but The blue flower fabric just wouldn't allow for it unless I made the birds wider...and with Helen's gudiance decided to keep the birds the same and just trim the block! Thanks Helen!


ingrid said…
I honestly don't know how you can keep up the motherhood and work thng and STILL manage to get so much quilting done. You are amazing!

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