September...sort it!

30 days.... 30 things to get sorted in this house for a major spring clean!

Joining in with Car who found this on Tamar's blog

Although I'm starting a few days behind I've already crossed off a few things on my mental list so I thought I'd pop them all down here.....big plans let's see how we go!

1. Sort and clean out cookbooks
2. Clean out 'junk' bookshelf
3. Sort out small bookshelf....see a theme happening here?
4. Clean and condition Leather couch.
5. Clean oven
6. Pack away box of party gear....yes it is still out from Aden's party over a month ago!
7. Take wool blanket to Dry cleaners
8. Pack away winter jumpers and coats into Vac-bags
9. Pack away winter blankets into Vac-bags
10. Tupperware....need I say more?
11. Clean out plates/cups cupboard and resort into accessible piles
12. Clean out under kitchen sink cupboard
13. Pantry....need I say more?
14. Defrost the chest freezer
15. Do Tax
16. Finish pregnancy scrapbook
17. Make photobook of Aden's 3rd birthday party
18. Make Hubby clean out spare room cupboard
19. Cull stuff from under the bathroom sinks
20. Make a swimming I'm not chasing togs and towels each week!
21. Clean out Laundry
22. Make a design wall in the sewing room
23. Tidy sewing room.....again!
24. Sort out 2nd kitchen draw
25. Clean off top of cupboards in kitchen
26. Tackle the garage shelves.....yikes!
27. Sort the filing cabinet
28. Piles and piles of photos.....get them sorted
29. Put video files on to DVD's
30. Buy an Ipod and find out how to transfer CD's.....Car I'll need your help!!

Wow that is quite a list....I'm sure Hubby is going to have fun helping me!!


Celtic Thistle said…
Crikey, that is a list and a half, have fun!
LittleWhiteDove said…
I'm in too!
Car said…
great list!

Pack the swimming bag each week - stops the mad dash 5mins before lessons ;) I leant this AFTER 3 years of swimming ;)

ITunes is your friend, tsf CD's to iTunes then link the iPod up - EASY!
Anonymous said…
Loving seeing you have stuff crossed off! Feels good hey ??
Tamar xx

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