Trying again with knitting....

I can knit...I'm just not very good at it...and VERY slow too! And I could only work out how to knit plain stitches...purl stitches had me very confused!
But yesterday while Mum was here I gave it another go and this time I think I have worked it out!

I'm trying the Child's Square Hat in 8ply. The casting on was super slow to start with, but then I started getting better.

I knitted  one half of this hat last night and cast off this now to start the other half and then I have to work out how to stitch the 2 together!

I'll be on the look out for other easy kint/purl small knitting projects...let me know if you know of any!


Car said…
What are you wanting to make? Ravelry has lots of inspiration :) perhaps too much ;)

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